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daily prayer to “reshape my life back in a Godward form”

Did a google search for “Benedictine Daily Prayer” (the title of the breviary I use) and came across a blogger, Joel Martin, talking about beginning to pray this breviary. (“Benedictine Daily Prayer” 08-08-2007)

I love this last clause:

Now, I am new to this and very un-disciplined. I’m lucky if I pray 2 or 3 of the hours, and do it at the right time. But my hope is that it will become a discipline which will start reshaping my life back in a Godward form.

And I like this idea, too.

So this Breviary is a great step, in line with the Book of Common Prayer. Another practice I am picking up from my friend is to write the prayer requests of others in a journal and open it up when offering prayer.


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