ExoTheology & Space-Age Interpretations of the Bible

(religious implications of an inhabited universe)

Jill Bolte Taylor: “the deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres”

Around 16:00. “And I pictured a world with beautiful peaceful compassionate loving people who knew that they could come to this space at any time and that they could purposefully chose to step to the right of their left hemispheres and find this peace.”

16:51. So who are we? We are the life-force power of the universe with manual dexterity and two cognitive minds. And we have the power to chose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world. Right here, right now, I can step into the consciousness of my right hemisphere where we are, I am, the life-force power of the universe. I am the life-force power of the fifty trillion beautiful molecular geniuses that make up my form, at one with all that is. Or I can choose to step into the consciousness of my left hemisphere where I become a single individual, a solid, separate from the flow, separate from you. I am Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, intellectual, neuroanatomist. THESE are the we inside of me. Which would you choose? Which DO you choose? And when?

I believe that the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuity of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world, and the more peaceful our planet will be.”

— reminds me of Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief and, of course, A Course in Miracles.


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