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The throne of God in the Orion Nebula?

Oh, this is the first I’ve heard of this. Some think the throne of God is in the Orion Nebula! It means they can imagine “heaven” as a physical place, somewhere in space-time — unless they think this “opening” is merely the place where one travels from the material to the spiritual realms.

Where is the Throne of God? Some Speculate Through the Orion Nebula
By Patricia Williams

Although I believe that God dwells in our hearts, I also believe that He has a physical throne in the Heavenly sanctuary. The Bible is always talking about types and antitypes; symbols and meanings; objects and object lessons. “As above, so below…”

References, and an identifying description of God’s throne, are found in Job 26:9, Job 22:12-14 and Revelation 4:1-3. Some people believe that the Orion Nebula seems to fit the description of the Emerald Tinted cloud mentioned in the last text (depends on your translation) and is located beyond the dark cloud of that Nebula. Since the word Nebula means “cloud” read the texts just mentioned using the word Nebula instead of the word cloud.

If this is the correct location for the physical throne of God and of Heaven, it is approximately 1500 light years away. What is 1500 years compared to a prayer answered within an hour, which Daniel experienced? This is faster by far than the speed of light. What about people who pray for help and are instantly given the strength to lift a car off of someone, or those who are saved from a fatal tragedy?

When the angel Gabriel answered Daniel’s prayer while he was yet praying, he evidently came from Heaven to Earth (transformed into the form of a man) in much less time that it would take ordinary light to travel that same distance – that is, if God’s throne is located within the great Orion Nebula complex, as so many poets, Christian astronomers, and researchers seem to believe.

Once again, God and the angels seem to know a lot about time/space travel. They seem to break all known physical and scientific laws known to man. Even if we have the mathematics and theory to back up what they’re doing, we don’t seem to have the power or technology to make it happen…not yet.

What if everything is situated in layers – one on top of the other or side by side? Past, present and future would all be back to back (even though physical distance and space would supposedly hold us back). Traveling from one place to the other would just mean changing mental frequencies, like tuning to a different radio station. Could that be possible?
( Resource: “Marvels of Radiation in Nature and Industry – a study on Sound, Light, Heat, Radio and Electromagnetic Waves” – by Edward Bowman)

And here’s a video with an animation showing a trip from earth to the throne of God and Jesus’ second coming.

And here’s another short article: “Ellen White and the Orion Stargate

AND a response from the Adventist Defense League.


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