ExoTheology & Space-Age Interpretations of the Bible

(religious implications of an inhabited universe)

“[one-third of respondents] suppose that aliens have already visited our planet”

Wonder how representative these figures are — i.e., of, say, North Americans.

Two-thirds believe in extraterrestrial civilisation, polls shows

ČTK | 29 December 2010

Prague, Dec 28 (CTK) – Over two-thirds of Czechs or 70.7 percent believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent forms of life but almost a half of them are not interested in meeting them, according to an Internet poll conducted by the SANEP agency and released to CTK.

Two-fifths of the polled are of the view that the contact with an extraterrestrial civilisation might be fatal for humankind.

Over one-third of respondents think that aliens visited the Earth in the past. More than one-fifth of the polled believe that people will meet them in the future.

However, only 37 percent expressed interest in meeting them, while 46.8 percent do not want to meet them. Almost the same share of people think that such a meeting will not occur in the next 100 years.

A total of 45.9 percent do not consider it necessary to prepare specially for a possible meeting with an extraterrestrial intelligent form of life and 40 percent fear that such a contact might be fatal for humankind.

Almost a half of the polled or 48.8 percent share the view that the future of man does not depend on space colonisation.

A total of 54.9 percent are interested in the phenomena that may have been created by advanced extraterrestrial orms of life.

However, 66.6 percent are sceptical about the statements by people who are convinced they have seen aliens or have been kidnapped by them.

Over one-third of respondents reject the possibility of previous contacts between the Earth and an extraterrestrial form of life, while almost the same share of people suppose that aliens have already visited our planet.

The poll was conducted on 9053 inhabitants of the Czech Republic aged 18-69 years on December 8-15.


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