ExoTheology & Space-Age Interpretations of the Bible

(religious implications of an inhabited universe)

Ancient Astronaut Theory, lack of imagination, and false dichotomies

I just read a brief discussion on christianforums.com about ancient astronaut theory — some saying it’s interesting (but probably not true), some saying it’s a plot by the Devil to distract people from God). But part of it serves as an example of how people can perceive (or will be likely to perceive?) “ancient astronauts” as not much more advanced spiritually or technologically than NASA astronauts — in other words, not much more than what we humans can now do or imagine (not very much, in other words).

And when people perceive celestials (or “ancient astronauts”) this way, it is not surprising that they would feel a conflict between their religious / spiritual impulse and their attraction to this theory, and that that conflict would result in people falling back on an over-simplified dichotomy: “I definitely don’t think their [angels] from other plants but from heaven [sic].” In other words, the only two options are the traditional view of the Bible and the view that angels are akin to Apollo astronauts.


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