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Should Christianity Embrace Ancient Astronaut Theory?

Should Christianity Embrace Ancient Astronaut Theory?

(posted February 4th, 2011 06:02 AM by Met7797)


My question, or my ever increasing fascination of connecting the moral stories my grandmother used to read me, the current ideas behind ancient similarities in creation stories from around the world with various historical times and demographics, and the current ideas floating around about intelligent evolutionary interference accounting for our “missing link” gaps; Is should Christianity, and other major Religions go ahead and bite the bullet, and accept Ancient Astronaut ideas as plausible account of their version of our existence?

We already have instances where Vatican officials have come out saying that Alien existence wouldn’t negate Catholic Doctrine. A stance supported by a Pope that has made a strong conscience effort to bridge the gaps between faith and reason. And this is Catholicism, largely regarded as one of the most orthodox Christian sects, since ever.

Giving all that we know, and don’t know, accepting the similarities of creation stories, and details of local mysticism from civilizations from around the world, and from different time periods, and with the constant attempts at reconciling popular science with popular religion; Why shouldn’t our Religious leaders look at the possibility that we are seeded life, placed here by an extraterrestrial source?

And in response to another’s comment…

I am willing to concede the possibility of allegorical interpretation as a supposed reason for these discrepancies. However that concession comes with the understanding that primitive man is incapable of understanding the difference in distinguishing a truly divine being, and someone with far greater technology.

To me the bible quite clearly describes a group of extraterrestrial overlords, complete with hierarchy, and competition. Angles are to Gods as Lieutenants are to Generals. [emphasis mine]
And even in the major Monotheistic religions there is mention of other gods, and the term is often used in the plural, even when Allah, YHWH, or Jehovah are supposedly alone and speaking to themselves, he uses the plural. Allot of times sounding eerily as if he’s not alone, and speaking to others as equals.

One of the main things I take away from Ancient Astronaut ideas is that there were many “creation” stories taking place all over the world, almost always involving the gods walking among the people they create for a while. The story of Eden is just 1 of these, by 1 of the groups of creator beings. This is perhaps the biggest hurdle modern religion would have to overcome before embracing the ideas of ancient Astronauts, as the most popular are dead set on their version being the true version and other versions being hokey pokey.

And the divination used in the bible to me represents witness to technology unable to be comprehended by early man.

What would the native Americans have thought to see a man parachuting from a plane.
Or if a man raised his hand up with a gun, and seemingly struck down another man from meters away with nothing more than a gesture, and a loud command.

And I maintain both that man could not possibly be made in the image of an omnipotent omniscience force that governs the universe’s intricacies, and that a conciseness of that force, to the point of knowingly developing man for a reason, would negate the need to interfere with our evolutionary timeline in such a hackneyed way as described by ID in their gap scenario, and Ancient Astronaut ideas in their seeded life scenario.


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