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Paul Davies suggests SETI look in our DNA for evidence of ETI

SETI community looking for clues closer to home

Friday, 16 April 2010 21:24


Or maybe, instead of a radio signal, an alien civilization sent us something physical. Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke described an object left on the moon to let aliens know when humans were able to travel in space. Davies says maybe aliens have sent a probe to orbit the Sun.

A more intriguing possibility is that our genetic makeup includes a signal encoded by aliens in our DNA that might have been left hundreds of millions of years ago.

“We have genes inside our body that go back three billion years, largely unchanged. So if you can somehow upload a message into DNA of terrestrial organisms, it could last a very, very long time, indeed.”

Paul Davies admits some of his ideas may be “fanciful.”

“But they illustrate what I want to try to do in this book, which is to just broaden the thinking to get away from this traditional sort of radio search. That should carry on, of course. But in addition, we need some new thinking. After 50 years of silence, I think the time has come to take stock and say, maybe we should mobilize all of the sciences to look for anything fishy, anything weird, any anomaly, both in our own little corner of the universe here on Earth and in the solar system, and far out across the galaxy.”

University of Arizona scientist Paul Davies’ new book, “The Eerie Silence,” advocates an expanded search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.


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