ExoTheology & Space-Age Interpretations of the Bible

(religious implications of an inhabited universe)

Simon Conway Morris: extraterrestrials will likely be like us

Professor Simon Conway Morris on the question of what ET life will be like (dissimilar or similar to us)…

Aliens according to some people will be genuinely alien. […] I think evolution is by and large constrained. […] [after minute 3] I would argue that effectively life has so few options that in fact if you want to learn how to swim, how to fly, how to walk, if you want to learn how to breathe, if you want even to learn how to reproduce, even things which go down to rather settled business about why we have sexes and things like that, even the nature of the chromosomes on this planet actually have various sorts of predictabilities about them. And I’m taking a gamble here[…]. But I think that when we do detect alien life, it will be well, strikingly embarrassingly, well, it’ll be like us.


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