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William Lane Craig on Romans 8, Ezekiel 1, extraterrestrial intelligence, and UFO

This is a transcript from William Craig Lane’s Reasonable Faith podcast, from 17 August 2008, available here, via iTunes, and elsewhere.


Interviewer: It seems, Dr. Craig, that the Bible is largely silent about this issue [UFOs, aliens, flying saucers].

Lane: I think it is, silent, Kevin. The scriptures are given to human beings as God’s revelation to people on this planet. And therefore there’s no reason to think that there could not be persons that God has created in some unknown galaxy that we have no idea about, and he has provided a revelation of himself to them as well. I think it would be presumptuous to say that we know that he hasn’t done that.


Lane: I’m puzzled by folks who seem to think, that if life, intelligent life, were discovered somewhere else or that if it were to come here that somehow this would be a disproof of Christianity. I…  that seems to me to be a complete non-sequitor. It doesn’t follow, because Christianity simply doesn’t speak to the question of whether or not God has created life elsewhere in the universe.

[Interesting / helpful comments on the idea that the vastness of the universe points to the likelihood of extraterrestrial life.] Read more of this post


PDF VERSION: Lee and Vivianne Gladdens’ _Heirs of the Gods: A Space Age Interpretation of the Bible_ (1978)

Gladdens- Heirs of the Gods COVERI just found a pdf of the Gladdens’ Heirs of the Gods: A Space-Age Interpretation of the Bible here –> http://store.nicapages.com/store-fyl/Heirs/heirs.pdf

The quality of the “print” is not great (it’s too-low resolution), but having the book in one file is probably better than the pdf version I was going to post here. (The scanner I used allowed only so many pages per document, so I ended up with 10 or 12 pdf documents for the one book.)

And just in case that link goes away in future, I’ll post a copy directly onto this blog, as well. Gladdens- Heirs of the Gods ONE PDF

false dichotomy: either diminuitive ETs or holy angels

I was thinking the other day of doing an rhetorical analysis of the discussion (if it can be called that) between ancient astronaut theorists and those who think the AATs are crazy.

Came across this satirical review of G. Cope Schellhorn’s Extraterrestrials in Biblical Prophecy, entitled “Jesus the Messiah-astronaut, C-3P0 rocks an ascot, and other craziness from Out of the Closet on Sunset” and filed under “Studies in Crap.”

This is a good example of the way in which AATs are accused (and, I think, often rightly) of taking a too-low view of Jesus, the angels, and “God.” In other words, AAT cannot be valid because it sounds absurd to think of God that way.

Scherstuhl comments on Schellhorn’s ideas about Jesus:

Aping the language of a president addressing the State of the Union, Schellhorn writes:

“The evidence of extraterrestrial involvement in the birth of Jesus Christ is strong.”

Yes, meet E.T. Jesus! When He walks on the beach, there’s one set of footprints and a trail of Reeses Pieces.

In other words, “It’s absurd to imagine Jesus in extraterrestrial terms because that must necessarily mean Jesus would be lowered to the level of the diminutive and vulnerable character “E.T.””

It’s a kind of false dichotomy: there are either the ETs of our sci-fi imagination (or, similarly, the astronauts of NASA in the late 1960s / early 1970s) or there are holy angels, Jesus, and God. No in-betweens.

Lamsa: “Until recent times [Near?] Easterners believed that clouds were living creatures.”

I pulled this paragraph from an article entitled “Our Galactic Family & the Bible” by Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div., published Jan 18, 2011 here.  I assume Lamsa meant / said Near Easterners, not just “Easterners.”

[…] “And when he had spoken these things, he ascended while they were looking at him; a cloud received him and he was hidden from their sight.” (Acts 1:9) A footnote related to this verse, in Lamsa’s translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta, states: “Until recent times Easterners believed that clouds were living creatures.” Was Jesus beamed up into a space ship—shrouded by a cloud-like formation—as he ascended into the heavens? (According to telepathic information from our galactic family, extraterrestrials create a cloud-like formation around their space ships while in Earth’s atmosphere, particularly when over the United States. Why? Because our military has standing orders to shoot them down whenever spotted. The technology possessed by our galactic family far exceeds our own and they are safe. However, the Galactic Federation of Light avoids confrontation with our military because they come in peace and do not want to engage in battle. They await the time when our new government will declare peace and allow them to land en mass to assist us in re-creating our beautiful planet. Peace is the Way of Love.) Could the extraterrestrials have used this same cloud-like cover while interacting with the ancient Israelites? It appears so. […]

Note to self: Marcion and the Old Testament “lower” God

During Christianity’s early expansion, many converts to the new faith either had no interest in preserving Jewish Scripture as part of the Christian sacred books, or believed that much in the Old Testament was inspired by a “lower” God who could not be identified with the Father of Jesus.

Most significant example = Marcion

— from The Oxford Study Bible (REB with the apocrypha), 1992, p. 131.

Nazca lines and Isaiah 40

I stole this from paleo-seti.com.

“A voice called: The LORD prepared the way in the desert,
our God made a flat path from the steppe! All valleys should rise,
and all mountains hills should lower, and what was not even, became straight, and what was hilly, became flat; because the glory of the LORD should be seen! … The grass seared, the flowers wilted;because the LORD blew in there.”
(Isaiah Chap.40 Par.3/4/5/7 Old Testamentt)

animation of Ezekiel’s spaceship

Animation of Ezekiel’s spaceship

And here’s the traditional view of Ezekiel’s “vision.”  Pretty grotesque!

Paul Davies suggests SETI look in our DNA for evidence of ETI

SETI community looking for clues closer to home

Friday, 16 April 2010 21:24


Or maybe, instead of a radio signal, an alien civilization sent us something physical. Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke described an object left on the moon to let aliens know when humans were able to travel in space. Davies says maybe aliens have sent a probe to orbit the Sun.

A more intriguing possibility is that our genetic makeup includes a signal encoded by aliens in our DNA that might have been left hundreds of millions of years ago.

“We have genes inside our body that go back three billion years, largely unchanged. So if you can somehow upload a message into DNA of terrestrial organisms, it could last a very, very long time, indeed.”

Paul Davies admits some of his ideas may be “fanciful.”

“But they illustrate what I want to try to do in this book, which is to just broaden the thinking to get away from this traditional sort of radio search. That should carry on, of course. But in addition, we need some new thinking. After 50 years of silence, I think the time has come to take stock and say, maybe we should mobilize all of the sciences to look for anything fishy, anything weird, any anomaly, both in our own little corner of the universe here on Earth and in the solar system, and far out across the galaxy.”

University of Arizona scientist Paul Davies’ new book, “The Eerie Silence,” advocates an expanded search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.

_The Manna Machine_ by Sassoon and Dale (1978)

Sassoon, George, and Rodney Dale. The Manna Machine. London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1978.  ISBN 028398435X.

Here’s a link to Frank Dörnenburg’s fairly detailed analysis of their theory.

4-8-2011 The book is being priced at $120 to over $500 on bookfinder.com.

“Yahweh” was “a tribe of renegade space cannibals”

An example of Ancient Astronaut Theory-related Marcionism. This is from http://www.2012.com.au. (I don’t know anything about the authors of this site.)

Who is Jehovah/Yahweh?

Christians should all honestly and thoroughly investigate the contradictions between the Old and New Testaments in terms of the descriptions of God.

The God of the New Testament is described as a God of love, mercy and peace.

The god of the Old Testament is described as jealous, vengeful god, a war-monger. He said “Thou shalt not kill”, then proceeded to help the Israelites to brutally kill tens of thousands of Arabs in order to take their land.

Can the two Testaments possibly be talking about the same thing?

The ‘god” of the Old Testament was actually a tribe of renegade space Read more of this post

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