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William Lane Craig on Romans 8, Ezekiel 1, extraterrestrial intelligence, and UFO

This is a transcript from William Craig Lane’s Reasonable Faith podcast, from 17 August 2008, available here, via iTunes, and elsewhere.


Interviewer: It seems, Dr. Craig, that the Bible is largely silent about this issue [UFOs, aliens, flying saucers].

Lane: I think it is, silent, Kevin. The scriptures are given to human beings as God’s revelation to people on this planet. And therefore there’s no reason to think that there could not be persons that God has created in some unknown galaxy that we have no idea about, and he has provided a revelation of himself to them as well. I think it would be presumptuous to say that we know that he hasn’t done that.


Lane: I’m puzzled by folks who seem to think, that if life, intelligent life, were discovered somewhere else or that if it were to come here that somehow this would be a disproof of Christianity. I…  that seems to me to be a complete non-sequitor. It doesn’t follow, because Christianity simply doesn’t speak to the question of whether or not God has created life elsewhere in the universe.

[Interesting / helpful comments on the idea that the vastness of the universe points to the likelihood of extraterrestrial life.] Read more of this post


Favorite depiction of Ezekiel’s Vision (Ezekiel 1)

"Cover of the Israeli fanzine The Tenth Dimension...the vision of the prophet Ezekiel who saw a strange unwordly flying chariot"

Ezekiel’s Vision by Avi Katz

Wow, I think this might be my favorite depiction of Ezekiel’s vision.

Found it here: at epilogue.net.

“Cover of the Israeli fanzine The Tenth Dimension…the vision of the prophet Ezekiel who saw a strange unwordly flying chariot”

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