ExoTheology & Space-Age Interpretations of the Bible

(religious implications of an inhabited universe)

Space-Age Interpretations of the Bible – WORKING BIBLIOGRAPHY

?, “Is the Idea of Intelligent Extraterrestrial life Comptabible with [Conservative] Judaism & Christianity?” DOC? HARDCOPY.

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The history of discussion in the ancient, medieval, and modern periods of the theological implications of the possible existence of extraterrestrial beings is reviewed and related to modern scientific interests. In the contructive section of the paper it is argued that the Pauline “cosmic Christology” of Colossians 1:15–20 makes it unnecessary to postulate additional incarnations as atonements in order to conceptualize the redemption of any extraterrestial beings that might exist elsewhere in the universe. This conclusion is consistent with earlier opinions expressed by Thomas Aquinas and Thomas Chalmers, but is based on a more developed exegetical argument from biblical theology.

Detweiler, Nancy B. “Our Galactic Family & the Bible.” Posted: Jan 18, 2011. Articlesbase.com. http://www.articlesbase.com/metaphysics-articles/our-galactic-family-the-bible-4062202.html  DOC. [Detweiler has M.Ed. and M.Div.]

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http://www.martiansgohome.com/smear/v48/ss011201.htm Does anyone out there remember Dr. Yonah Fortner, also known as Yonah ibn Abaton? Many years ago he wrote, for the old SAUCER NEWS, a fascinating series of articles called “Extraterrestrialism as an Historical Doctrine”. This was based on his scholarly opinion that the god of the Old Testament was in reality a space being. Yonah was years ahead of Von Daniken in his historical UFO research, but he could never be persuaded to publish his findings in the popular press. Yonah, though he has enjoyed ill health for most of his life, is still alive & kicking in California. He asks his Fans, if any, to write to him at: 6353 Babcock Ave., North Hollywood, Ca. 91606-3118.

Jennings, Jack A. UFOs: The Next Theological Challenge? http://www.religion-online.org/showarticle.asp?title=1800 Originally published in The Christian Century, Feb 22, 1978, pp. 184-189. DOC

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